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Arvedikas Aloe Vera 100% Pure, Best Aroma Therapy & Diffuser Essential Oil (10ML)

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  • Burn and wound healing, moisturizer Aloe Vera is said to encourage, skin rejuvenation, healing of wanes and treatment of sub burn. It is also used to help in relieving arthritis pain
  • A Wide Range of Natural Essential Oils: Each one of these oils has been care fully selected and has it own specific focus of application. but all bestow the same pleasurable experience. Use them to stimulate a pleasant mood, to relax tension and fatigue, to dispelaches and to generally enhance your overall sence of sell being. You will find these essential oils be coming and indispensable and enjoyable part or your lief.
  • Organic Aromatherapy: Aloe Vera Essential Oil Therapeutic Grade
  • Size : 10ml, with Dropper
  • Arvedikas Natural Essential Oil

    Natural Essential Oils: Essential Oils are being used in India since the times of Rishi-Munis (India Saints) to promote well being of humanity. These Natural Essential oils are extracted from petals, seeds leaves, fruits, roots and barks of plants. With their therapeutic properties these essential oils enhance energy and restore balance to body, mind and spirit. They enhance your natural defence mechanise and help in promotion of mental as well as physical levels. These oils have multiple usages. They can be used to stimulate.pleasant mood and can also be used to dispel pains and aches. They can be used as relaxants. For re-energizing and relaxation, use thees essential oils while taking bath. Your body absorb the oil through your skin. A few drops can be added to a carrier oil to make massage oil for the body. A light smooth massage will tone up the skin and give a pleasant calm to the nerves, relieves from tension and depression. These essential oils do not smell like commercial perfume oils. Even then they are lovely, soothing and highly concentrated. They can be diluted or used once precious drop at a time. How to Use: Bath: 10-15 Drops Inhalant: 3-4 drops in a soft cloth or a handkerchief or in a bowl of hot water. Compress: 8-10 drops in 250-300 ml. of warm water. Massage oil: 10-15 drops in 100 ml. of carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, almond, olive or any other aveailable oil. Diffuser: 8-10 drops in a ceramic lamp diffuser add water 3/4 full. Bedding: 3-5 drops. Note; Some of the oils like Rose or Jasmine are very expansive in their pure form. They have been blended in sweet oils. Essential oils are for external use only and must be diluted with vegilable oil before applying women are advised to consult a physicain before using any of these oils. Always keep bottle tightly closed to avoid evaporation. Keep these to avoid oils out of reach of children.
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